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Stripeman's Lucky armor
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TypeArmor – Set
Set BonusYou can change the rules of nature's randomness
Will you be a lucky guy, or an unfortunate man?
Press the armor ability hotkey to change the world's random system:ACTIVE/NOT ACTIVE
"Behold, the man has become one of us, to know good and evil.
And now, lest he put forth his hand, and also take the tree of life, to eat, and live forever."
RarityRarity level: -1
Sell3 (set)

Stripeman's Lucky Armor is a craftable pre-hardmode armor set.

It consists of the Hat, Shirt, and Pants, each only providing 1 defense, giving a total of 3 when wearing the full set.

However, it makes up for it with providing a lot of interesting benefits when worn:

The Hat provides light, effects of the Architect Gizmo Pack, the ability to get random ores from mining stone and place any sand in an extractinator.

The Shirt provides the effects of the PDA and the Arctic Diving Gear the chance for gold coins to drop from mining stones, increased chances for better loot from pots, increased chances of encountering rare creatures and being able to resist an attack if you hold at least 2 platinum coins, losing all the money you are carrying.

The Pants provide a massive increase in fishing power, effects of the Sonar Potion and Crate Potion a chance to get extra fish on top of the fish you have hooked while fishing, the ability to steal loot from enemies and town NPCs as well as catching items on the ground with a fishing rod.

Wearing the full set provides an ability that can be toggled on and off, manipulating the world's RNG system when active, which massively increases the chances for everything, such as item drop chances, chances for events happening, for the Traveling Merchant to arrive, the list goes on.


Stripeman's Lucky Hat
  • Stripeman's Lucky Hat item sprite
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Body slotHelmet
TooltipProvides light when worn
Get the effect of the Architect Gizmo Pack
When digging stones, you may get ores from them
You can put any sand in the extractinator
Stripeman's Lucky Shirt
  • Stripeman's Lucky Shirt item sprite
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Body slotShirt
TooltipDisplays everything
You have a chance to get gold coins from stone blocks
You have a higher chance to encounter rare creatures
You have a higher chance to get better items from pots
If you have enough money, you can resist an attack by losing all of your money
Stripeman's Lucky Pants
  • Stripeman's Lucky Pants item sprite
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Body slotPants
TooltipGet all of the fisher skill effects
When fish swallows the hook, you have a chance to get extra fish
Your fishing rod has a chance to steal drops from enemies and town NPCs
You can use your fishing rod to catch items on the ground
You have a better chance to get a crate among the extra booty



ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Stripeman's Lucky HatStripeman's Lucky Hat
Tinkerer's WorkshopTinkerer's Workshop
Stripeman's Lucky ShirtStripeman's Lucky Shirt
Stripeman's Lucky PantsStripeman's Lucky Pants
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