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This is a Town NPC. A House may be required in order for it to appear.
Samurai (Ancients Awakened).png
TypeTown NPC
AI TypePassive AI
Max Life600
KB Resist50%

The Samurai is a Town NPC that can spawn after defeating The Grips of Chaos. Samurai sells Inferno related items at day and Mire related items at night and order solution.


  • Have you seen my sword? I can´t seem to find it anywhere.
  • A stranger is a friend you have not spoken to yet.
  • It is now , and in this world that we must live.
  • The chaos biomes weren´t always so.... err.... chaotic.
  • You can make your own happienes.
  • If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
  • Change can hurt,but it leads a path to something better.
  • If you refuse to accept anything exept the best, you very often get it.
  • Never give up. You´re not a failure unless you give up
  • You already know the answer to the question lingering inside your head.
  • We used to be the most powerful nation in all of terraria... then... HE came...
  • I remember my old master giving me wise words such as this: ´YOU ARE TRYING TO VIEW FLASH CONTENT BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE A FLASH PLAYER INSTALLED´... I´m still trying to figure that one out.
  • Our deeds determine us,as much as we determine our deeds.
  • I´ll be honest, I get half my lines from fortune cookies. Want one?
  • Your shoes will make you happy today.
  • Land is always on themind of a flying bird.
  • You can not love life unless you live the life you love.
  • It is now and in this world, where we must live.

When Tavernkeep is present:

  • I´m not really a fan of <name of tavernkeep>´s ale. I´ts a bit strong for my taste. i prefer Sake to be entierly honest.

Items sold[]

Item Cost Availability

Dynasty WoodDynasty Wood 50 Always
Red Dynasty ShinglesRed Dynasty Shingles 50 During day
Blue Dynasty ShinglesBlue Dynasty Shingles 50 During night
Ancients Awakened/Scorched SeedsScorched Seeds 5 During day
Ancients Awakened/Dank SeedsDank Seeds 5 During night
Ancients Awakened/SunpowderSunpowder 75 During day
Ancients Awakened/MoonpowderMoonpowder 75 During night
Ancients Awakened/Ancient BellAncient Bell 10 After defeating Broodmother , During day
Ancients Awakened/Hydra ChowHydra Chow 10 After defeating Hydra , During night
SakeSake 5 Always
PhoPho 30 Always
Pad ThaiPad Thai 20 Always
GiGi 2 Always
KimonoKimono 1 Always
Fancy DishesFancy Dishes 20 Always
KatanaKatana 4 Always
ShurikenShuriken 15 Always
Ninja HoodNinja Hood 1 Always
Ninja ShirtNinja Shirt 50 Always
Ninja PantsNinja Pants 50 Always
Ancients Awakened/Order SolutionOrder Solution 1 25 Always
Ancients Awakened/Lucky CrackerLucky Cracker 2 Always


The Samurai may have the following names:

  • Genji
  • Hanzo
  • Nobunga
  • Hattori


  • Samurai is the last Inferno nation civilian.
  • Samurai wants to kill Akuma, destroyer of his nation.
  • 2 names the Samurai can get, Genji and Hanzo, are a direct reference to the characters of the same name from the game Overwatch.
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