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The Red Mushroom Biome is a biome that can be spread with Spore Bags and Brown Solution, and is a counterpart to the Glowing Mushroom biome.


Red Mushroom Biome
Characters Unique Drops

During Pre-Hardmode:

Ancients Awakened/MushbugMushbug
Ancients Awakened/Mushroom CrabMushroom Crab
Ancients Awakened/Mushroom JellyMushroom Jelly
Ancients Awakened/Mushroom ZombieMushroom Zombie
Ancients Awakened/Fungus FrogFungus Frog

From Mushbug, Mushroom Crab, Mushroom Jelly, and Mushroom Zombie:


From Fungus Frog:

Ancients Awakened/MushiumMushium

From plundering:

Dirt BlockDirt Block


  • The upcoming theme for this biome is Vegetation, which was created by ProVISIO.
  • The theme of Red Mushroom Biome is Regrowth, which was composed by SpectralAves.
    • This theme is a remake of Overgrowth, also composed by SpectralAves, and was changed in 0.8.4.
  • This biome used to spawn on world generation in previous versions; but due to some bugs occurred in later updates which spawned the biome in a weird way, it is no longer generated upon world creation and can only be generated after getting Spore Bag dropped by the Mushroom Monarch or by using Brown Solution with the Clentaminator.
    • Due to this change, Mushroom Monarch can be also summoned anywhere as long as it is daytime.