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Rajah RabbitPouncing Punisher
Rajah Rabbit (Ancients Awakened).gif
AI TypeRajah Rabbit AI
Damage130 / 150
Max Life50,000 / 100,000
KB Resist100%
Coins1 10
Rajah Rabbit Map Icon (Ancients Awakened).png
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Rajah Rabbit is a Post-Golem difficulty Boss fought anywhere in the world where Rabbits spawn. It must be summoned using a Ten Karat Carrot, or in Hardmode after the player has killed 100 rabbits in Hardmode to punish the player.


Rajah Rabbit spawns if the player kills 100 Rabbits, falling from the sky and exclaiming that the player must be punished for their horrific actions. Rajah Rabbit can also be summoned if the player uses a Ten Karat Carrot.


Rajah Rabbit's attacks are dependent on what weapon he is holding alongside his Cotton Cane. They are as follows:

  • When he is holding the Bane of the Bunny, he will throw projectiles of the weapon at the player at fast speeds, eventually falling to the ground.
  • When he is holding the Royal Scepter, he will shoot a stream of three carrots at the player.
  • When he is holding the Bunzooka, he will shoot bunny-shaped rockets at the player, which home onto them before exploding.
  • If Thorium is also enabled alongside Ancients Awakened, he will hold the Carrot Farmer, making carrots rain down around him.

Additionally, he has two other attacks that are independent of the weapons that he is currently holding.

  • He will align himself vertically with you and crash down on you, doing considerable damage.
  • Whenever he roars, he will summon enemies to aid him.



  • Rajah Rabbit's theme is JUSTICE, composed by the artist SpectralAves.
    • This theme contains motifs from the Boss 1, Overworld Day, and Unyielding Discord themes.
    • Before JUSTICE was composed, Rajah's theme was going to be Unexpected Consequences, a Boss 1 Remix also composed by SpectralAves.
  • Rajah Rabbit was the first boss conceptualized for Ancients Awakened.
    • In addition, his theme was also the first one composed for the soundtrack.
    • Rajah Rabbit was created as a joke between the mod creator, Alphakip, and his friends as a punishment for one of them being obsessed with killing rabbits.
      • However, Rajah Rabbit eventually had a lore, and got associated with some important lore figures and his state of being a joke boss is mostly vanished. But he is still an optional boss in terms of progression.
  • Rajah Rabbit is generally considered to be Ancients Awakened’s boss mascot.
  • Rajah Rabbit is one of two entities in terraria shown to be able to use multiple items and weapons to his advantage, with the player being the other.
  • Rajah Rabbit is the first modded terraria boss to incorporate a new attack pattern when another mod is installed; this attack being his Carrot Farmer Scythe attack when the Thorium Mod is installed.
  • Rajah Rabbit is often compared to and is thought to be inspired by an internet meme known by the name of Big Chungus. This is not true, as Rajah Rabbit was conceptualized almost a full year (April 2018) before Big Chungus' peak interest in January of 2019.
  • Rajah Rabbit's full name is Rajah Cornelius Rabbit III.
  • The scream Rajah Rabbit makes is from Skeldritch, a boss appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.
  • If the player tries to summon King Slayer III, a boss from the Mod of Redemption, while fighting Rajah Rabbit, a special quote will play from King Slayer III.
  • Prior to 1.0, Rajah's stats would increase for every 100 Bunnies you kill until you kill 1000 rabbits, turning him into his Awakened form. However, the scaling was removed as it wasn't necessary, leaving only his first and last forms.
  • Rajah Rabbit is one of the only non-Ancient boss that has an unique boss intro, the others being The Equinox Worms and the Sisters of Discord
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