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Material Transmuter
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TypeCrafting Station
Dimensions3 wide × 3 high
TooltipAllows for transmutation of materials into their counterparts
RarityRarity level: Rainbow

The Material Transmuter is a craftable Pre-Hardmode crafting station that specializes in converting evil and Chaos themed crafting material items into their counterparts in a 2 to 1 ratio (eg. you need two units of Crimtane Ores to create one unit of Demonite Ore and vice versa).



ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Material TransmuterMaterial Transmuter
By Hand

Used to craft[]

  • ResultIngredientsCrafting station

    Ancients Awakened/Material TransmuterMaterial Transmuter
    Ebonstone BlockEbonstone Block
    Copper OreCopper Ore
    Tin OreTin Ore
    Iron OreIron Ore
    Lead OreLead Ore
    Tungsten OreTungsten Ore
    Silver OreSilver Ore
    Platinum OrePlatinum Ore
    Gold OreGold Ore
    Demonite OreDemonite Ore
    Crimtane OreCrimtane Ore
    Cobalt OreCobalt Ore
    Palladium OrePalladium Ore
    Mythril OreMythril Ore
    Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore
    Adamantite OreAdamantite Ore
    Titanium OreTitanium Ore
    Eventide Abyssium OreEventide Abyssium Ore
    Daybreak Incinerite OreDaybreak Incinerite Ore
    Copper BarCopper Bar
    Tin BarTin Bar
    Tungsten BarTungsten Bar
    Silver BarSilver Bar
    Platinum BarPlatinum Bar
    Gold BarGold Bar
    Iron BarIron Bar
    Lead BarLead Bar
    Abyssium BarAbyssium Bar
    Incinerite BarIncinerite Bar
    Demonite BarDemonite Bar
    Crimtane BarCrimtane Bar
    Cobalt BarCobalt Bar
    Palladium BarPalladium Bar
    Orichalcum BarOrichalcum Bar
    Mythril BarMythril Bar
    Adamantite BarAdamantite Bar
    Titanium BarTitanium Bar
    Radiant Incinerite BarRadiant Incinerite Bar
    Deep Abyssium BarDeep Abyssium Bar
    Eventide AbyssiumEventide Abyssium
    Daybreak IncineriteDaybreak Incinerite
    Soul of LightSoul of Light
    Soul of NightSoul of Night
    Cursed FlameCursed Flame
    Soul of SpiteSoul of Spite
    Soul of SmiteSoul of Smite
    Dragon's FireDragon's Fire
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