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Flame Vortex Staff
  • Flame Vortex Staff item sprite
TooltipConjures flaming spheres that increase your minion damage
Each sphere takes up one minion slot
You must have at least 2 open slots for the first summon
Grants BuffAncients Awakened/OrbitersOrbiters
Buff tooltipFlames orbit around you and empower you
RarityRarity 12 (Ancients Awakened).png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Ashe 1 33%

The Flame Vortex Staff is a post-Sisters of Discord tier summon weapon that has a chance to be dropped by Ashe. It summons flame vortices that orbit around the player and boosts their minion damage. This minion also can deal contact damage as it orbits around the player and deals damage. It needs 2 minion slots to summon the first one, meanwhile the player needs 1 slot for subsequent summons.

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