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Equinox Worm
  • Equinox Worm item sprite
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Use time44 (Very slow)
TooltipA worm created using celestial materials
Summons the Equinox Worms
RarityRarity level: 11

"When you are ready, call us forth with the worm statue in your hand."

"We will be able to find you because of these beacons you reactivated."

Not to be confused with The Equinox Worms, which are post-Moon Lord Bosses.

The Equinox Worm is a Post-Moon Lord summoning item used to summon The Equinox Worms anytime on the surface. It is obtainable by inserting a Worm Idol along with Star Chart and Gravity Sphere into the respective slots at the Equinox Altar.


  • Prior to 1.0, it used to be crafted on the Ancient Manipulator.
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