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Treasure Bag.gif Expert Mode-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to Expert mode and Expert mode worlds.

The Developers of Ancients Awakened have their own items, obtainable from Treasure Bags in terms of weapons and their own respective grab bags that can also drop from Treasure Bags. The devs have their own vanity set, weapons and other unique items depending on their status: Most developers have their own vanity sets and weapons, some devs have only vanity sets and some only have weapons.

Most developer weapons can be upgraded into their EX variants using EX Souls.

Dev Items[]

Alphakip's set (Alphakip)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Mud Fish's BagMud Fish's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Alphakip's Diving MaskAlphakip's Diving Mask Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Alphakip's Diving JacketAlphakip's Diving Jacket Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Alphakip's FlippersAlphakip's Flippers Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Kipron WingsKipron Wings Wings
Ancients Awakened/Amphibious LongswordAmphibious Longsword Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Amphibious GreatbladeAmphibious Greatblade EX Dev Weapon
Midnight Cat set (Eliza)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Dark Dragon's BagDark Dragon's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Midnight Cat EarsMidnight Cat Ears Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Midnight Cat BlouseMidnight Cat Blouse Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Midnight Cat BootsMidnight Cat Boots Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Midnight ScarfMidnight Scarf Vanity Accessory
Ancients Awakened/Nightingale WingsNightingale Wings Wings
Ancients Awakened/Cat's Eye RifleCat's Eye Rifle Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/The SilencerThe Silencer EX Dev Weapon
Dark Dragoness' set (Eliza)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Dark Dragon's BagDark Dragon's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Dark Dragoness' HoodDark Dragoness' Hood Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Dark Dragoness' RobesDark Dragoness' Robes Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Dark Dragoness' SkirtDark Dragoness' Skirt Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Midnight ScarfMidnight Scarf Vanity Accessory
Ancients Awakened/Dark Dragon WingsDark Dragon Wings Wings
Ancients Awakened/Celestial WandCelestial Wand Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Archwitch's Galactic ScepterArchwitch's Galactic Scepter EX Dev Weapon
The Doctor's set (Dallin)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Fez Lord's BagFez Lord's Bag Grab Bag
FezFez Vanity Helmet
The Doctor's ShirtThe Doctor's Shirt Vanity Shirt
The Doctor's PantsThe Doctor's Pants Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Time TellerTime Teller Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/ChronosChronos EX Dev Weapon
Angry Pirate's set (Grox)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Grovite Sea ChestGrovite Sea Chest Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Angry Pirate's HoodAngry Pirate's Hood Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Angry Pirate's CofferplateAngry Pirate's Cofferplate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Angry Pirate's LegguardsAngry Pirate's Legguards Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Angry Pirate's SkysailsAngry Pirate's Skysails Wings
Ancients Awakened/Sock Puppet StaffSock Puppet Staff Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Socc on a StickSocc on a Stick EX Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/GRealm AdvertisementGRealm Advertisement Dev Item
Tails set (Tails)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Tails' ToolboxTails' Toolbox Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Tails HelmetTails Helmet Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Tails Body CostumeTails Body Costume Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Tails LeggingsTails Leggings Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Mobian BusterMobian Buster Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Freedom StarFreedom Star EX Dev Weapon
Wraith set (Charlie)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Reaper's BagReaper's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Wraith CowlWraith Cowl Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Wraith CloakWraith Cloak Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Wraith BootsWraith Boots Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Soul SiphonSoul Siphon Dev Weapon
Hallam's set (Hallam)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Magician's Top HatMagician's Top Hat Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Hallam's Dapper Top HatHallam's Dapper Top Hat Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Hallam's Fancy TuxHallam's Fancy Tux Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Hallam's Fashionable TrousersHallam's Fashionable Trousers Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/PrismeowPrismeow Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Prismeow SpectrumPrismeow Spectrum EX Dev Weapon
Spooky set (Tied)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Old Magician's Top HatOld Magician's Top Hat Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Spooky SkullSpooky Skull Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Spooky SuitSpooky Suit Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Spooky TrousersSpooky Trousers Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Gentleman's RapierGentleman's Rapier Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Gentleman's LongbladeGentleman's Longblade EX Dev Weapon
DJ Duck set (Aves)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/DJ Duck's BagDJ Duck's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/DJ Duck MaskDJ Duck Mask Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/DJ Duck ShirtDJ Duck Shirt Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/DJ Duck PantsDJ Duck Pants Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Duckstep Bass BoostersDuckstep Bass Boosters Wings
Ancients Awakened/Duckstep LauncherDuckstep Launcher Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Duckstep R.E.M.I.X.Duckstep R.E.M.I.X. EX Dev Weapon
Lunar set (Moon Bee)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Lunar Insect's BagLunar Insect's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Lunar HoodLunar Hood Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Lunar RobeLunar Robe Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Lunar BootsLunar Boots Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Lunar Wasp WingsLunar Wasp Wings Wings
Ancients Awakened/EtheralEtheral Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/LightLight EX Dev Weapon
Weird Horse set (Beg)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Weird Horse BagWeird Horse Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Weird Horse MaskWeird Horse Mask Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Weird Horse ShirtWeird Horse Shirt Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Weird Horse HoofsWeird Horse Hoofs Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Monochromatic AppleMonochromatic Apple Mount
Ancients Awakened/Ponium StaffPonium Staff Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Ponium UltiscepterPonium Ultiscepter EX Dev Weapon
Dapper Squirrel set (Fargo)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Squirrelly Top HatSquirrelly Top Hat Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Dapper Squirrel Top HatDapper Squirrel Top Hat Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Dapper Squirrel SuitDapper Squirrel Suit Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Dapper Squirrel TrousersDapper Squirrel Trousers Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/PlaceholderPlaceholder Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Magic AcornMagic Acorn Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Dapper AcornDapper Acorn EX Dev Weapon
Universal set (Universe)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Galactic GeodeGalactic Geode Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Universal GlobeUniversal Globe Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Universal SweaterUniversal Sweater Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Universal TrousersUniversal Trousers Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Cursed SickleCursed Sickle Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Tartarus ReaperTartarus Reaper EX Dev Weapon
Revenant set (Gibs)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Angry Revenant's SarcophagusAngry Revenant's Sarcophagus Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Revenant SkullRevenant Skull Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Revenant PlateRevenant Plate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Revenant LegsRevenant Legs Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Angry FemurAngry Femur Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Super SkullshotSuper Skullshot Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Supreme HellshotSupreme Hellshot EX Dev Weapon
Tactical Assault set (Blazen)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Thunder Lord's BagThunder Lord's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Tactical Assault HelmetTactical Assault Helmet Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Tactical Assault ArmorTactical Assault Armor Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Tactical Assault BootsTactical Assault Boots Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Storm RifleStorm Rifle Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Thunder LordThunder Lord EX Dev Weapon
Dread Cultist set (CC)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Mire Maniac's Cardboard BoxMire Maniac's Cardboard Box Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Dread Cultist MaskDread Cultist Mask Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Dread Cultist RobeDread Cultist Robe Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/A Page of the Rune BookA Page of the Rune Book Dev Accessory
Ancients Awakened/The Book of RunesThe Book of Runes EX Dev Accessory
Invoker set (Cerberus)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Pup Cerberus' KennelPup Cerberus' Kennel Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Invoker HoodInvoker Hood Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Invoker RobeInvoker Robe Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Invoker BootsInvoker Boots Vanity Pants
Ancients Awakened/Aleister StaffAleister Staff Dev Weapon
Ancients Awakened/Aleister BookAleister Book Dev Accessory
Ancients Awakened/The Book of LawThe Book of Law EX Dev Accessory
Pristine set (Anarchy)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Pristine BagPristine Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Pristine HelmetPristine Helmet Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Pristine ChestplatePristine Chestplate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Pristine LeggingsPristine Leggings Vanity Pants
Apawn's set (Apawn)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Surprise EggSurprise Egg Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Apawn's VisorApawn's Visor Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Apawn's PlateApawn's Plate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Apawn's GreavesApawn's Greaves Vanity Pants
Shadow set (Delly)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Daughter of the Void's BagDaughter of the Void's Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Shadow WigShadow Wig Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Shadow ShirtShadow Shirt Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Shadow BootsShadow Boots Vanity Pants
Fluffy Fox set (Fazer)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Wet FurrbagWet Furrbag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Fluffy Fox WigFluffy Fox Wig Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Fluffy Fox SweaterFluffy Fox Sweater Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Fluffy Fox PantsFluffy Fox Pants Vanity Pants
Mask Lord's set (Maskano)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Mask BagMask Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/The MaskThe Mask Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Mask Lord's ChestplateMask Lord's Chestplate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Mask Lord's BootsMask Lord's Boots Vanity Pants
Angelic Operator's set (Mikpin)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Six-Star Operator BagSix-Star Operator Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Angelic Operator's HaloAngelic Operator's Halo Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Angelic Operator's JacketAngelic Operator's Jacket Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Angelic Operator's LeggingsAngelic Operator's Leggings Vanity Pants
Kitsune set (Mikpin)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Six-Star Operator BagSix-Star Operator Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Kitsune WigKitsune Wig Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Kitsune DressKitsune Dress Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Kitsune PantsKitsune Pants Vanity Pants
Shock Lord's set (LightningShox)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Charged Shock BagCharged Shock Bag Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Shock Lord's VisorShock Lord's Visor Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Shock Lord's PlateShock Lord's Plate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Shock Lord's BootsShock Lord's Boots Vanity Pants
Void Eye's set (VoidEyeGaming)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Void GateVoid Gate Grab Bag
Ancients Awakened/Void Eye's MaskVoid Eye's Mask Vanity Helmet
Ancients Awakened/Void Eye's ChestplateVoid Eye's Chestplate Vanity Shirt
Ancients Awakened/Void Eye's BootsVoid Eye's Boots Vanity Pants
CMD's set (CMD)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Umbral ReaperUmbral Reaper Dev Weapon
Plant's set (Planterror)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Pine BreakerPine Breaker Dev Weapon
Skrall's set (Skrall)
Item Type
Ancients Awakened/Skrall StaffSkrall Staff Dev Weapon


  • Some of the vanity sets used to be upgradable into unique armor sets using EX Souls. But they were removed in 1.0 due to being too OP and irrelevant.