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Crucible Scale
  • Crucible Scale item sprite
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TypeCrafting material
Tooltip'The fury of the draconian sun eminates from this scale'
RarityRarity Level: 13
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Akuma 30 - 39 100%

The Crucible Scale is a post-Ancient tier crafting material dropped from Akuma. It is used to craft the Draconian Sun armor and Akuma's drops along with Daybreak Incinerite bars; Chaos Sigil, Ten Carat Carrot and upgrade Super Healing Potions and Super Mana Potions as well as other cosmetic stuff. They are the Inferno equivalent of the Dread Scale, dropped from Yamata.


Used in[]

ResultIngredientsCrafting station

Draconian Sun WingsDraconian Sun Wings
Ancients Awakened/Ancient Crafting StationsAncient Crafting Stations
Draconian Sun KabutoDraconian Sun Kabuto
Draconian Sun DaoDraconian Sun Dao
Draconian Sun GreavesDraconian Sun Greaves
Reign of FireReign of Fire
Dragon ShivDragon Shiv
Morning GloryMorning Glory
Sun PartisanSun Partisan
Radiant DawnRadiant Dawn
Year of the DragonYear of the Dragon
Daybreak ArrowDaybreak Arrow
Ancient Lung StaffAncient Lung Staff
Solar StaffSolar Staff
Awakened Sun AltarAwakened Sun Altar
  • Ancients Awakened/Crucible ScaleCrucible Scale (15)
Ten Carat CarrotTen Carat Carrot
Chaos SigilChaos Sigil
Akuma Music BoxAkuma Music Box
Blazing DyeBlazing Dye
Dye VatDye Vat
Grand Healing PotionGrand Healing Potion
Ancients Awakened/Astral Crafting StationsAstral Crafting Stations
Grand Mana PotionGrand Mana Potion
Consumables: The Big One (Ancients Awakened).png Potions ( Flask of Hydratoxin (Ancients Awakened).png Buff Potions ) • Incapacitator (Ancients Awakened).png Thrown Weapons
Unstable Power Cell (Ancients Awakened).png Ammunition • Dragon's Fire (Ancients Awakened).png Materials ( Snow Mana (Ancients Awakened).png Drops • Abyssium (Ancients Awakened).png Ores and Doomite Bar (Ancients Awakened).png Bars ) • Forest Flask (Ancients Awakened).png Miscellaneous