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Anubis, Legendscribe (Ancients Awakened).png
AI TypeAnubis AI
Damage35 / 59
Max Life30,000 / 45,000
KB Resist100%
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This article is about the Boss. For the NPC that is always named Anubis, see Legendscribe.

"You ready? I won't hesitate to slap you silly!"
Anubis Legendscribe is a Hardmode, pre-Plantera Ancient fought in the desert. He serves as a test for the player.


Anubis does not spawn on his own, and requires the player to summon him with the Ra's Scepter while in the desert.


  • Anubis occasionally teleports as a form of movement before attacking.
  • Teleports quickly and casts 3 runeblasts.
  • Summons 2 minion circles that summon 2 of Anubis' companions to assist him.
  • Throws his scepter like a boomerang, which reflects all projectiles and sends them back to the player.
  • Conjures two sandstone slabs that slowly approach to the center, attempting to crush the player.
  • When Anubis is below 25% HP, he summons a shield of Locusts around him as well as empowering some of his attacks:
    • Casts more runeblasts during instant teleports.
    • Summons 4 minion circles instead of 2.
    • Throws his scepter earlier, and it moves quicker.
    • Conjures two pairs of sandstone slabs instead of one.


When summoned before defeating him:[]

  • "Well, bud. Here we are."
  • "I hope you are ready for a real fight."
  • "Especially since I'm in my superior form."
  • "You ready? I won't hesitate to slap you silly!"
  • "Let's go!"

When summoned after defeating him:[]

  • "A rematch, huh? This should be fun!"

During the battle:[]

  • "Careful! Projectiles hurt." (Before the runeblast attack)
  • "Let me grab some friends." (Before the minion circle attack)
  • "Catch!" (Before the scepter throw attack)
  • "Smashing, init?" (Before the sandstone slab attack)

When defeated by Anubis or left the desert:[]

  • "HAH! Get hosed-- er, sanded."

Awakened Phase: Anubis; Forsaken Judge[]

AnubisForsaken Judge
Anubis- Forsaken Judge (Ancients Awakened).gif
AI TypeAnubis AI
Damage55 / 93
Max Life150,000 / 225,000
KB Resist100%
Map Icon

"Some things should stay locked away for your own good."

After defeating Anubis' normal form after defeating Moon Lord, instead of turning to his NPC form, he stays in his boss form and slowly transforms to his awakened form. He also tells the player that he isn't going to warn the player or hold back as he is going to prepare him against the dark forces, referring to the other Ancients.


  • Shoots forsaken skulls that home on the player, and also shoots forsaken runeblasts as he teleports quickly.
  • Summons 3 curse circles that summon Forsaken Companions.
  • Throws his forsaken scepter like a boomerang, reflects all projectiles and sends them back at the player as it travels.
  • Summons two pairs of forsaken sandstone slabs (one horizontal, one vertical) that quickly approach to the center, attempting to ram the player.
  • Summons four forsaken energy spheres around the player that split into smaller energy spheres after a short time.
  • Summons two forsaken suns that shoot forsaken runeblasts at a quick rate.
  • Has a very low chance of shooting a high-speed pumpkin that will insta-kill the player.
  • When dropped down to low health, Forsaken Anubis empowers himself with forsaken energy, making his attacks stronger:
    • Summons 4 curse circles.
    • Throws his scepter earlier, and it moves much quicker.
    • Summons the forsaken sandstone slabs immediately 6 times, and they move instantly after summoned.
    • Summons 8 forsaken energy spheres around the player, and split into more smaller energy spheres that circle around and leave.
    • Summons 4 forsaken suns and they shoot runeblasts much quicker.


While transitioning to the Awakened Phase:[]

  • "...hrgh..."
  • "...alright."
  • "I think...it's time."
  • "No more stops being pulled."
  • "If you're gonna be taking on the dark forces of the world..."
  • "I need to make sure you're ready, because... unless you're ready..."
  • "...Some things should stay locked away for your own good."

During battle:[]

  • "No warnings this time." (Before the first curse circle attack)

When defeated by Anubis or left the desert:[]

  • "...Sorry, but you aren't ready yet."

After defeating Anubis; Forsaken Judge for the first time:[]

  • "...You done good, bud. Let's make a game plan moving forward. Come talk to me when you're ready."



  • Anubis's attacks & behavior are heavily inspired by the boss Anubis Necromancess from Megaman Zero 1.
    • Two of his attacks: The wall crush and reflecting scepter throw, are lifted from Necromancess.
  • Anubis' normal battle also has two unused animations: A walking animation which was never used aside of Universe's music videos on YouTube. And a flexing animation like Desert Djinn, also including an indirect dab.
  • Anubis is the only town NPC in the mod that is also a fightable boss. Also, his style of summoning is similar to Erazor from Shadows of Abaddon; Abominationn, and Deviantt from Fargo's Souls Mod.
  • Anubis is also one of the first Ancients that are fought in terms of planned boss progression. There will be another Ancient boss fought at the same tier as Anubis in the future updates.
  • After defeating Anubis; Forsaken Judge, Anubis' NPC form has a greenish skin color, gained from his awakened form.
  • In the betas of 1.0, Anubis; Forsaken Judge was just like his normal boss form, but gray in color. This was changed eventually to what he is now as the update became closer.
  • In the early planned concepts of this mod, Anubis along with Greed and Athena were planned to be associated with Soul of Cthulhu's storyline. But certain changes to these trio have also changed their storylines to be tied to Shen Doragon's storyline.
  • Anubis is being removed in a future update.
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