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Added in v0.13.0, The Amulet of Many Minions adds combat AI for every vanilla Pet, excluding Light Pets. To minimize the risk of cross-mod compatibility issues, these AI updates do not affect vanilla pets by default. To enable combat AI on a Vanilla pet, an AoMM Version of its pet item must be crafted from the vanilla pet item at a Demon Altar. In addition, "Replica" versions of the Master Mode boss pets are sold by the Travelling Merchant outside of master mode so that these pets' combat AI can be used by any player.

Combat Pet Levels[]

Combat Pets are mechanically distinct from the regular minions added by The Amulet of Many Minions in several ways. The first and most significant is that, rather than having a fixed set of stats, Combat Pets' AI scales with the player throughout the game. By having a special class of item called the Combat Pet Emblem in their inventory, created from common Crafting materials at most tiers throughout the game, the player's combat pets' damage, movement speed, and search range will increase to match that of a typical minion available at the same progression tier. This allows a player to use their favorite combat pet throughout the game. In addition, while higher tier combat pet emblems allow the player to summon multiple combat pets at once, only one of each pet may be summoned at a time. The Combat Pet Emblems, and their effects on minion stats, are shown below:

Combat Pet Emblem Damage Top Speed Search Range Max Pets Recipe
Golden Combat Pet Emblem Golden Combat Pet Emblem 9 8 32 tiles 1 12 (Gold Bar or Platinum Bar) (@ Iron Anvil)
Corrupt Combat Pet Emblem Corrupt Combat Pet Emblem 14 9 40 tiles 1 12 (Demonite Bar or Crimtane Bar) (@ Iron Anvil)
Skeletal Combat Pet Emblem Skeletal Combat Pet Emblem 17 10 48 tiles 2 50 Bone (@ Iron Anvil)
Soulful Combat Pet Emblem Soulful Combat Pet Emblem 30 12 56 tiles 2 8 Soul of Light + 8 Soul of Night (@ Iron Anvil)
Hallowed Combat Pet Emblem Hallowed Combat Pet Emblem 36 14 60 tiles 2 12 Hallowed Bar + 1 Soul of Sight + 1 Soul of Might + 1 Soul of Fright (@ Mythril Anvil)
Spectre Combat Pet Emblem Spectre Combat Pet Emblem 42 15 62 tiles 3 12 Spectre Bar (@ Mythril Anvil)
Stardust Combat Pet Emblem Stardust Combat Pet Emblem 52 16 64 tiles 3 12 Stardust Fragment (@ Ancient Manipulator)
Celestial Combat Pet Emblem Celestial Combat Pet Emblem 80 18 68 tiles 4 12 Luminite Bar + 1 Stardust Combat Pet Emblem (AmuletOfManyMinions).png (@ Ancient Manipulator)

Combat Pet Accessories[]

In addition to the inherent stats granted by Combat Pet Emblems, Combat Pets can be further enhanced by several Accessories. By using the best available Combat Pet Emblem and Accessories, a full roster of Combat Pets, and Squire-focused Armor for its better defense and damage boosts, it is possible to roughly keep pace with Vanilla damage output using Combat Pets alone. There are two basic Combat Pet accessories, both obtainable in Pre-Hardmode, and two Hardmode tinkers for those accessories.

Appearance / Name Effects Obtained From
Stylish Bow of Teamwork Stylish Bow of Teamwork
  • Increases maximum Combat Pets by 1
Obtained alongside an Elemental Pal after using two Bows of Friendship
Chaotic Chew Toy Chaotic Chew Toy
  • Slightly Increases Combat Pet movement speed
(12 Demonite Bar + 6 Shadow Scale) or (12 Crimtane Bar + 6 Tissue Sample) (@ Iron Anvil)
Mighty Bow of Teamwork Mighty Bow of Teamwork
  • Increases maximum Combat Pets by 1
  • Increases minion damage by 20%
  • Slightly increases Combat Pet movement speed
  • Decreases maximum non-Combat Pet minions by 1
AmuletOfManyMinions/CombatPets#StylishTeamworkBow + AmuletOfManyMinions/CombatPets#ChaoticChewToy + AmuletOfManyMinions/Charm of Mighty Minions (@ Tinkerer's Workshop)
Spooky Bow of Teamwork Spooky Bow of Teamwork
  • Increases maximum Combat Pets by 2
  • Increases minion damage by 15%
  • Slightly increases Combat Pet movement speed
AmuletOfManyMinions/CombatPets#MightyTeamworkBow + Necromantic Scroll (@ Tinkerer's Workshop)

New Combat Pets[]

The Elemental Pals: Lil' Gator, Truffle Turtle, Cloudiphant, Plant Pup, Axolittl, Smoleder, Cinder Hen, and Wyvernfly

To address the relative scarcity of pets in normal gameplay, the Amulet of Many Minions adds a collection of eight reliably obtainable Combat Pets called the Elemental Pals. All 8 pets are obtained via a special Pet summoning item called the Bow of Friendship, which are placed throughout the world in Pre-Hardmode. The first bow can be found in a Wooden Chest near the surface in the inner third of the world, and will grant the player an Elemental Pal and a crafting material called the Deactivated Bow upon use. The Deactivated Bow can then be crafted together with Clouds, Sandstone Blocks, Jungle Spores, and Seashells to obtain a second Elemental Pal, as well as an accessory that grants an extra combat pet slot. A third Bow of Friendship can be found in a Shadow Chest. Bows of Friendship for the remaining five pets can be crafted from Solar Tablet Fragments post-Plantera.

Combat Pet AI[]

The majority of combat pets fall into one of four basic AI categories: Flying Melee (Similar to the Finch Staff), Flying Ranged (Similar to the Imp Staff), Grounded Melee (Similar to the Flinx Staff), and Grounded Ranged (Similar to the Pygmy Staff). In addition, 8 of the regular pets, 10 of the Master Mode boss pets, and all of the Elemental Pal pets added by the mod, were given special attack patterns, which are outlined below. Some of these pets use their special AI from the beginning, while others only start using special AI at a certain Combat Pet Level.

Combat Pet AI Pattern AI Update Level
Pet Turtle Pet Turtle Launches itself like a Giant Tortoise Base
Baby Red Panda Baby Red Panda Impales enemies with Bamboo Spikes Soulful
Black Cat Black Cat Fires the Water Bolt, Magical Harp, or Shadowbeam Staff depending on pet level Various
Dynamite Kitten Dynamite Kitten Fires Grenades, the Boomstick, the Flamethrower, or the Rocket Launcher depending on pet level Various
Companion Cube Companion Cube Continually falls through a pair of portals to rapidly hit the enemy Spectre
Estee Estee Summons Fallen Stars on contact with an enemy Soulful
Plantero Plantero Attacks with mini Plantera Clingers Base
Volt Bunny Volt Bunny Rapidly Dashes back and forth (Quick Attack) Base
Slime Prince Slime Prince Summons a mini Ninja to help Soulful
Spider Brain Spider Brain Summons a swarm of mini Creepers Soulful
Deerclops (pet) Deerclops (pet) Launches shadow hands Base
Skeletron Jr. Skeletron Jr. Attacks with mini Skeletron hands Base
Slime Princess Slime Princess Summons mini winged slimes to help Hallowed
Rez and Spaz Rez and Spaz Summons both eyes, attack with Cursed Flames and mini lasers. Hallowed
Destroyer-Lite Destroyer-Lite Summons mini Probes to help Hallowed
Mini Prime Mini Prime Alternately attacks with each of Skeletron Prime's four hands Hallowed
Tiny Fishron Tiny Fishron Summons mini sharknados to help Spectre
Phantasmal Dragon Phantasmal Dragon Summons mini Ancient Visions to help Spectre
Moonling Moonling Attacks with a mini Phantasmal Deathray Spectre