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Weapons are essential items used for combat against enemies, bosses, and even other players during PvP games. Most weapons are crafted at any crafting Station, while others can only be found in Chests, as enemy/boss drops, or purchased from NPCs. Aerovelence adds a number of new and unique weapons for players to use. Many are upgrades to existing weapons and others are unique.

Melee weapons[]


Swords are melee weapons which can be divided into 2 basic categories: Shortswords, and Broadswords. Shortswords have a very limited range and attack with a horizontal stabbing motion instead of an arc. Broadswords are swung overhead, which makes it easier to defeat flying and jumping enemies than shortswords.


Spears are melee weapons that have decent range (somewhat better than swords), but attack using a stabbing motion (like a shortsword, except that spears can be aimed). Spears also have a good chance of hitting targets more than once, especially large enemies.

Pre-Hardmode Spears
Hardmode Spears
  • Aerovelence/Thunder LanceThunder Lance


Pre-Hardmode Boomerangs
  • Aerovelence/GlacierGlacier
  • Aerovelence/Soul ChakramSoul Chakram
  • Aerovelence/Stone HatchetStone Hatchet
Hardmode Boomerangs
  • Aerovelence/Storm EdgeStorm Edge


Yoyos are melee weapons that are flail-like, and when thrown, seek after the player's cursor.

Pre-Hardmode Yoyos
Hardmode Yoyos
  • Aerovelence/CyverthrowCyverthrow


Flails are melee weapons that consist of an object linked to the player by a chain, which can either be thrown or fired. Thrown flails can be suspended around the player indefinitely, whereas launched flails immediately return to the player.

Pre-Hardmode Flails


These are melee weapons that possess unique means of attack. Most also launch projectiles.

  • Aerovelence/Crystal CrescentCrystal Crescent
  • Aerovelence/Crystal Growing KitCrystal Growing Kit
  • Aerovelence/Crystal KunaiCrystal Kunai
  • Aerovelence/Dune TessenDune Tessen
  • Aerovelence/Diamond KnifeDiamond Knife
  • Aerovelence/Icicle KnifeIcicle Knife
  • Aerovelence/Prism PiercerPrism Piercer
  • Aerovelence/Rock PouchRock Pouch
  • Aerovelence/Secret Shadow BladeSecret Shadow Blade
  • Aerovelence/Thorn GloveThorn Glove

Ranged weapons[]


Bows are ranged weapons that fire arrows as Ammunition. Although several bows deal no knockback, the arrows do.

Pre-Hardmode Bows
  • Aerovelence/Boom BowBoom Bow
  • Aerovelence/Crystal ArchCrystal Arch
  • Aerovelence/FlameshotFlameshot
  • Aerovelence/Frigid LongbowFrigid Longbow
  • Aerovelence/ForestsFrenzyForestsFrenzy
  • Aerovelence/Glass Pulse BowGlass Pulse Bow
  • Aerovelence/Harsh StreamHarsh Stream
  • Aerovelence/Phantom SongPhantom Song
  • Aerovelence/SaharaSahara
  • Aerovelence/SandstormSandstorm
  • Aerovelence/Shining ShooterShining Shooter
  • Aerovelence/Skull BowSkull Bow
  • Aerovelence/Slate BowSlate Bow
Hardmode Bows
  • Aerovelence/Stormflash BowStormflash Bow


Guns are a type of ranged weapon that uses Bullets as Ammunition.

Pre-Hardmode Guns
  • Aerovelence/Crystalline QuadshotCrystalline Quadshot
  • Aerovelence/Deep FreezeDeep Freeze
  • Aerovelence/FlaresharkFlareshark
  • Aerovelence/Golden ColtGolden Colt
  • Aerovelence/Granite CannonGranite Cannon
  • Aerovelence/H2O CaliberH2O Caliber
  • Aerovelence/LifeleakLifeleak
  • Aerovelence/Light of the AncientsLight of the Ancients
  • Aerovelence/Mandi-BlasterMandi-Blaster
  • Aerovelence/Marble MusketMarble Musket
  • Aerovelence/Marshmallow CannonMarshmallow Cannon
  • Aerovelence/Platinum ColtPlatinum Colt
  • Aerovelence/Ricochet PistolRicochet Pistol
  • Aerovelence/StingerStinger
  • Aerovelence/The InfinityThe Infinity
Hardmode Guns
  • Aerovelence/Adamantite PulsarAdamantite Pulsar
  • Aerovelence/Clockwork LazinatorClockwork Lazinator
  • Aerovelence/Crystal CannonCrystal Cannon
  • Aerovelence/Cyver-CannonCyver-Cannon
  • Aerovelence/Ember RifleEmber Rifle
  • Aerovelence/Gauss ShotgunGauss Shotgun
  • Aerovelence/Hydraulic BlasterHydraulic Blaster
  • Aerovelence/Napalm LauncherNapalm Launcher
  • Aerovelence/SpitfireSpitfire
  • Aerovelence/Titanium Rocket LauncherTitanium Rocket Launcher



Magic weapons[]


Staffs are magic weapons that are mainly used to deal damage via a projectile attack.

Pre-Hardmode Staffs
  • Aerovelence/Cthulhus WrathCthulhus Wrath
  • Aerovelence/Dark Crystal StaffDark Crystal Staff
  • Aerovelence/DelvaraDelvara
  • Aerovelence/Icicle BarrageIcicle Barrage
  • Aerovelence/Frost RayFrost Ray
  • Aerovelence/Ocean MistOcean Mist
  • Aerovelence/Searing ScepterSearing Scepter
  • Aerovelence/Slate StaffSlate Staff
  • Aerovelence/Sorcerer's StaffSorcerer's Staff
  • Aerovelence/Thorns of AgonyThorns of Agony
Hardmode Staffs
  • Aerovelence/Crystal SprayCrystal Spray
  • Aerovelence/Diamond DevastationDiamond Devastation
  • Aerovelence/Prismatic PulsarPrismatic Pulsar
  • Aerovelence/Scepter of the skiesScepter of the skies
  • Aerovelence/Skyvolt FlareSkyvolt Flare


Tomes are magic weapons that are mainly used to deal damage via a projectile attack.

Pre-Hardmode Tomes
Hardmode Tomes
  • Aerovelence/Crystal GladeCrystal Glade
  • Aerovelence/Darkness DischargeDarkness Discharge
  • Aerovelence/Lightning star spellLightning star spell


  • Aerovelence/The FlashlightThe Flashlight

Summon weapons[]


These weapons summon minions to attack enemies.

Pre-Hardmode Summons
Hardmode Summons
  • Aerovelence/Aether VisionAether Vision
  • Aerovelence/Burnshine StaffBurnshine Staff
  • Aerovelence/Star drone StaffStar drone Staff

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