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Note: This wiki is not finished yet. For information regarding this mod's content, visit the Aerovelence Discord server. Thank you for your patience
Welcome to the Aerovelence Wiki,
the most comprehensive source of information about Aerovelence, an official mod for Terraria.
Logo (Aerovelence).pngThe Mod

Aerovelence is a large content mod themed around space and the sky, with an interesting twist! Aerovelence has plenty of new content, new enemies to fight, and secrets to be uncovered.

Current content:

  • 260+ Items
  • Large collection of new NPCs with unique AI
  • 2 new bossfights
  • A brand new biome, the Crystal Caverns
  • Artifact items that have a low drop rate from any boss, modded and vanilla alike
Aerovelence/AccessoriesAccessories Aerovelence/FurnitureFurniture
Aerovelence/ArmorArmor Aerovelence/OresOres
Aerovelence/BarsBars Aerovelence/ToolsTools
Aerovelence/BlocksBlocks Aerovelence/WallsWalls
Aerovelence/ConsumablesConsumables Aerovelence/WeaponsWeapons
Aerovelence/Crafting materialsCrafting materials
Crystal Slime (Aerovelence).pngEnemies
Pre-Hardmode Bosses:
Aerovelence/Crystal TumblerCrystal Tumbler
Hardmode Bosses:
Fragile Ice Crystal (Aerovelence).pngMechanics
Aerovelence/BuffsBuffs Aerovelence/DropsDrops
Aerovelence/RecipesCrafting recipes Aerovelence/MinionsMinions
Aerovelence/DefenseDefense Aerovelence/MusicMusic
Aerovelence/Crystal CavernsCrystal Caverns
Rock Collector (Aerovelence).pngTown NPCs
Aerovelence/Rock CollectorRock Collector