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Welcome to the Official AFK's PETS and more Wiki,

The wiki for easy-to-reach information from the More Pets mod!


AFK's PETS and more is a mod that was initially aimed to add only pets to the game, although it grew much more than that on content. It now adds 450+ pets, 1000+ items, 8 bosses and 11 minibosses, and more, most of which, are often references to things in other media. Although, if you'd wish only for the pets, you can activate the Lite Mode in the configuration.

AFK's PETS and more

Pre-Hardmode Bosses

Pre-Hardmode Minibosses

  • AFK Pets and more/Antony, the Novice NecromancerAntony, the Novice Necromancer
  • AFK Pets and more/Bunny ZeppelinBunny Zeppelin
  • AFK Pets and more/OkikuOkiku
  • AFK Pets and more/Royal Harpy Air ForceRoyal Harpy Air Force
  • AFK Pets and more/IsaacIsaac
  • AFK Pets and more/The Ancient GuardianThe Ancient Guardian
  • AFK Pets and more/Heroic SlimeHeroic Slime
  • AFK Pets and more/Holographic SlimeHolographic Slime
  • AFK Pets and more/Security BotSecurity Bot
  • AFK Pets and more/Undead ChefUndead Chef

Hardmode Bosses

  • AFK Pets and more/Politician SlimePolitician Slime
  • AFK Pets and more/Ancient TrioAncient Trio
  • AFK Pets and more/Laval GolemLaval Golem

Hardmode Minibosses

  • AFK Pets and more/Guardian of FrostGuardian of Frost
  • AFK Pets and more/BuffsBuffs
  • AFK Pets and more/RecipesCrafting recipes
  • AFK Pets and more/DebuffsDebuffs
  • AFK Pets and more/DefenseDefense
  • AFK Pets and more/DropsDrops
  • AFK Pets and more/EventsEvents
  • AFK Pets and more/Fun ModeFun Mode
  • AFK Pets and more/PrefixesPrefixes
  • AFK Pets and more/Trinket mechanicsTrinket mechanics
  • AFK Pets and more/Throwing and Rogue CompabilityThrowing and Rogue Compability